AC Marin Outreach Program (AMOP)

AC Marin Outreach Program  provides scholarships that enable talented, promising and underprivileged Latino youth to participate in advanced local and regional youth competitive soccer leagues.  There are many talented Latino youth in our community who lack the means to participate in competitive-level athletic programs due to insufficient economic means. Competitive level sports also help young people to develop the personal discipline, commitment to team, and overall leadership skills that will assist them in school, work, and life as  high performing contributors to society. Additionally, participation in competitive-level sports equips talented young athletes to participate at the high school and collegiate level. Often, talented high school athletes earn scholarships to college based on their athletic abilities.

AC Marin Outreach Program is intended to help fill the gap for those families and talented young Latino athletes that have the skill, desire and drive, but that lack the economic resources to participate in local and regional youth competitive soccer leagues.

Each year AC Marin Outreach Program looks forward to continuing to advance our mission of providing athletic and leadership development opportunities to underprivileged youth.  In these tough economic times, the need for our scholarships is growing. Your generosity will help ensure our continued investment in our youth. One hundred percent (100%) of your contributions go to fund athletic these scholarships.

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Number of Scholarship per Year


AMOP provided a total of 22 scholarship with a total value of $31,000.00


In 2019 AMOP is planning to provide 50 scholarship with t a total value of $75,000.00

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