Northbay Youth Soccer League (“AC Marin”), formerly WNB Timbers, was established in 2014 as a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to fostering the physical, mental and emotional development of Northbay youth through the sport of soccer. AC Marin provides exceptional year round soccer opportunities for youth ages 4-16 at both the recreational and elite competitive levels.

AC Marin competitive teams participate in local, regional and national championships. Over the past few years, several boys and girls teams have had tremendous success performing in competitive & prestigious tournaments attended by thousands of players. Please check out AC Marin’s Instagram #acmarinofficial for more information on player accomplishments and match highlights.

AC Marin provides quality soccer experiences for every child while keeping its costs as low as possible. Additionally, the Club provides financial assistance to qualified families, which totals 25% of the player pool. Since 2014, AC Marin has been focusing on growing its player base while supporting the community. Exceptional soccer training, equipment, and facility procurement is quite costly. Therefore, financial fees for families associated with youth participation in Club soccer is substantial. Some families have the resources allowing their children to participate, and some do not. AC Marin gives every child the opportunity to play regardless of their family’s ability to pay. AC Marin provides equitable soccer opportunities by having the teams on the field be a reflection of the community in which they play, and by providing player development opportunities that are comparable or better than those of other clubs in the Bay Area. Additionally, the Club logs more playing hours than other Bay Area Clubs.

In order to support AC Marin’s continued efforts to provide equitable soccer opportunities, and fund the Scholarship Program, we need assistance from our community.

How To Apply

To Apply for Financial Assistance, please complete the Scholarship Fund application ONLINE form at this LINK.


PO Box 5323

Petaluma, CA 94955