AC Marin - Return to Play - For all Soccer Teams

State of California Guidance

Youth sports and physical education are permitted only when the following can be maintained: 

  • physical distancing of at least six feet; and 
  • a stable cohort, such as a class, that limits the risks of transmission (see CDC Guidance on Schools and Cohorting). Activities should take place outside to the maximum extent practicable.


California Intersholastic Federation

  • All Fall sports pushed back to Winter start
  • HS soccer season moved to Spring 2021
  • Players permitted to play club in HS season this year if they wish

We are currently in Phase 1 like 75% of NorCal Clubs:  (our county allows for groups of 12 + coach)

  • Competition returns in Phase 3


Safety Competitions

  • In order for our governing organizations to prepare for a league they need clubs/teams to register so they know how many teams in what ages and levels are interested in returning to play ASAP.    This is why your team treasurer or coach has asked for the league entry fee.   Upon the green light, league will start within 2-3 weeks.   The same applies for the Norcal State Cup.   
  • No team credit cards will actually be charged until we are 100% sure there will be a league or state cup.
  • Potential league options are as below.   At this time we still do not know when we can have competitions and what it will look like as far as format and who we can play. 


AC Marin's Phase 2 - Return to Training: Starting June 1, 2020 

Updated September 11, 2020

Per state and local changes to the stay at home health orders, AC Marin has resumed trainings starting June 1.  Limitations are of our own creation, per local authorities and according to our governing leagues. The points below are the club’s most critical aspects of returning to the field. Beyond these, we rely on our coaches to exercise care and caution in all situations whether predicted by these guidelines or not. In the event of any conflict between guidelines, local orders are paramount followed by AC Marin’s specific instructions.

  • No use of closed fields or facilities shall occur either by coaches or players. Players shall not carpool to or from trainings with members of other households. Players shall wear masks as required by current health orders before and after trainings.
  • Teams may train with their coach or a designated assistant coach. Maximum group size is 14 players and one coach.
  • Players are not required to attend if they have health or safety concerns.
  • Prior to attending any sessions, players are to self-assess for fever or other symptoms.  Any player detecting a temperature in excess of 100.4° shall not attend.
  • Coaches and players are expected to wear AC Marin gear (if they have it). Players should bring their Nike training shirt and both training bibs.
  • Coaches to coach or monitor from a socially distant position at all other times. Coaches shall wear masks.
  • Once divided into pods, the groups must remain static (no mixing even within teams) until we enter the next phase of return.
  • Sessions may NOT include contact between players.  6 feet social distancing should be observed at all times.  Each pod shall remain separated as best as possible from other groups, teams and field users. Violation of separation distances will be cause to remove a player or players from training(s).
  • Players MUST bring their own ball to sessions if possible. Other than the ball owner, no one should handle the ball. Players may kick balls to each other. Any balls provided for use by the coach, shall be disinfected before and after use.
  • If cones or other field equipment is utilized, it should only be handled by the coach.
  • Parents may not enter the field or group during the sessions. They should be encouraged to maintain precautions and social distancing if remaining nearby or with other parents.
  • Goalkeepers may use their hands using gloves when training in goal, and train as field players at all other times.